Butter & Honey

Hermosa Farm™ Butter is made with organic California dairy products.

Hermosa Farm™ Honey was voted the best-tasting honey by the California Farmer's Marker Association (CFMA).

Coffee & Tea

Hermosa Farm™ Original Coffee is an ultra-medium-roast, ground coffee. This is superior tasting coffee that will make you feel energized and focused.

Hermosa Farm™ Tea is available in black tea and green tea.

Drinks and Drops

Hermosa Farm™ Original Lemonade is notoriously made from organic California lemons and comes in a 10oz bottle.

Honey Buzz Drops and Nature's Nectar Drops are derived from organically-grown Cali produce and come in a 1oz bottle.

Why choose our products?

Because Hermosa Farm™ cares.

Hermosa Farm™ is committed to providing preservative-free products that contain only the highest quality, natural ingredients from California.

Most active (% inc from previous month)

  • Hermosa Farm™ Coffee 63%
  • Hermosa Farm™ Lemonade 21%
  • Hermosa Farm™ Tea (Black Tea) 44%
  • Hermosa Farm™ Butter 39%